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Learn more about our optometry practice here. Westside Eye Center is pleased to offer a wide range of eye care services, eye care products including eyeglasses, specialty eyewear, frames, and contact lenses. Our staff is happy to help however we can.

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Dr. Shawn Brittain

Dr. Shawn Brittain

Dr. Shawn Brittain earned his Doctor of Optometry degree in 1993 from Pacific University College of Optometry, and he has practiced in the greater Portland area his entire career.

He has extensive expertise in general eye care, treatment of ocular disease, and refractive surgical procedures. Dr. Brittain co-authored several articles on refractive surgery and has actively participated in multiple studies to further the advancement of laser vision correction.

He has trained optometrists through his service as an Assistant Adjunct Clinical Professor at Pacific University College of Optometry, and he has given hundreds of educational seminars on LASIK and other vision correction procedures.

Our Staff

Our team of eye care professionals is experienced and friendly. We’re here to help all patients with understanding their benefits, scheduling appointments, and fulfilling their eye doctor’s orders. Our optician(s) can give you guidance in picking your perfect pair of eyewear, and our friendly office staff are knowledgeable about billing and benefits coverage. Learn more about our team here!

Sandy Licensed Dispensing Optician

Sandy – Licensed Dispensing Optician

I can’t believe I’ve been in the optical industry for 35 years now. I’m so glad I chose this path over elementary education as I think this is such a good fit for me. I’ve had so many experiences from soldering frames to assisting surgeries. I’ve seen technology change before my eyes and I’m amazed by all the advances in our industry.

Westside Eye Center has and will be my home for quite some time. My current role here is management in the Optical and Contact lens departments. I also help out with visual field testing as well as overall office management. The most important and satisfying part of my job is getting to know and help our patients and being able to offer what’s best to meet their needs. It really is my privilege to work so closely with them; many of whom I now consider my friends.

In my off time, I enjoy playing the guitar and mandolin and have joined a bluegrass jam group. In the summer months, I work with our family business, “The Field Kitchen”, catering to all types of outdoor events. I have two grown boys of whom I adore and enjoy time with them whenever possible.












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