Contact Lenses

For many people, contact lenses are a preferred choice over eyeglasses. Others like to have both options available, and this is why we offer a wide selection of contacts. We can order any brand of contact lens that you prefer, but our top selling workhorse brands are AcuVue Oasys and Ciba Vision Air Optix lenses. These are some of the most often prescribed contacts in the country, and many of our patients love them. We also carry BioFinity and CVue contact lenses.

AcuVue contact lenses are comfortable and are designed to be easy to use at reasonable prices. Air Optix lenses allow oxygen to breathe through them so that they feel natural. These lenses also help with moisture retention and the resistance of deposits.

contact lenses
Air Optix

If you have astigmatism, we can fit you with toric lenses so that you won’t always need to wear glasses to see well. We also offer a multifocal lens that functions like a bifocal lens. This means that people who thought they could never wear contacts because they needed two different pairs of glasses for regular wear and for reading can now wear contact lenses.

Some people love the idea of colored lenses to change the color of their eyes or to enhance the current eye color. Other specialty lenses offered can help people who participate in sports such as swimming or skiing. We help our patients find the vision solutions they are looking for and offer a large variety of contact lens options.